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Karibib Town Council is being guided by the Mandate of Local Authority as provided in Section 30 of the Local Authority Act, (Act 23 of 1992) as amended subject to part VI up to part XII of 2000, which includes; provision of portable water, sewerage systems and drainage, cemeteries, streets and public places, housing schemes, immovable properties of Local Authority Council, valuation of ratable and non-ratable properties within the local authority area.


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Fire Emergency Fire Officer: Mr Gift Sililo Cell: 0814221805
Water Artisan: Mr Benhard Gerhard Cell: 0813009274
Roads and Sewage Artisan: Mr Edgar Goreseb Cell: 0812311122

The sewage water pumped from the residential,

business and other institution into the main sewage line

go straight to the ponds.

The sewage

Do not throw solid waste into the manhole Do not open the manhole cover Report an overflow or pipe bust

The council is responsible for:

Maintenance of the bulk infrastructure (pond) Unblocking the sewer line and manholes Fix bust sewer pipes Maintain and clean the reticulation system Updating the reticulation system
Karibib Police Station Inspector : Mrs Aino Imukusi Tel: 064-550008 Cel: 0812983226
Roads and Sewage

Artisan: Mr Edgar Goreseb

Cell: + 264 81 2311122

Refuse Removal

A clean town is home to the happy residents, let’s keep

our gem town, germs free!

The Council removes the solid waste from residential, business and other institutions

on a weekly bases.

Karibib Town is be kept clean:

Throwing all rubbish in the bins provided around town The council has provided household bins and black plastic Council remove refusal from houses, institution and business every week. See attached schedule The community and the council engage in a voluntary cleaning campaign twice a year All business and institutions are required to have waste bin at their premises

Waste is not good for our town

Waste are breeding sites for germs, bacterial and insects They are a sour sight to look at They give a bad image to the town Chase away potential investors Do not dump waste materials at undesignated places Do not throw hot objects in the plastic wheel bin Do not leave the construction waste lying around
Refuse Removal

Solid and Waste Officer: Mr Reinhold Ashiyana

Tel: + 264 64-550016

Water Supply

In Karibib town, saving every drop counts!

The council Supply clean water to the Karibib town resident. Maintain old water infrastructure network within the Karibib town council. Fix and replace bust pipes. Give advices and information regarding water supply to the residents

Tips for saving water

Immediately report any bust pipes Fixe all the licking pipes, water tap and sinks Don't leave water running while washing hands or brushing teeth If you can, choose a shower instead of a bath Watering of plants should be done in the morning and late afternoon, not midday because evaporation is high.

Illegal water usage is punishable by law

Connecting the pipe before the mater reader Connecting the pipe from or to the neighbour’s house Reopen or connecting water after it was closed by the Council. Water meter readings are taken on a monthly bases, therefore the council is requesting homeowners to open their gates and attend to our Mater Readers for the readings to be taken.

Water payments are done at the main Karibib town Council office and at the Usab

location community halls from 8h00 to 16h00.

Emergency Water contact

Artisan: Mr Benhard Gerhard

Cell: + 264 81 3009274

We register all the properties within the town council and administer the registry within

the jurisdiction within the Karibib Town Council.

Types of properties

Residential owned by individuals Light and heavy industrial owned properties Farmland leased by individuals for Agricultural purposes Building inspection Task to handle new submission of the house plan Register new building plans Conduct inspection within the boundary of Karibib town council. When planning to construct any building within the Karibib town council, first submit 3 sets of building plan submitted on a minimum of A3 size papers. The plan will then be approved by the Council before construction takes place.

Types of plan that must be submitted:

New house building plan Extension on the existing house plan Boundary wall plans Application to relax building plan

After the council approval, the construction of the building will be inspected in at

different stages:

Foundation level Window level Roof level and installation of the roof trusses Final roofing NB: only on the final stage of inspection will the completion certificate be issued.


Building and Planning Town Planner: Mrs Selma Nghifindaka Tel: + 264 64 550016

The Emergency Response Unit mitigate and respond to any emergency situation in

and within a 10 Km radius of the Karibib town council

Sensitize and give training to the public on road safety, shack fires, electrical shocks

and veld fire.

The Emergency Response Unit attends to:

Extinguish all types of fire

Rescuer at the accident scenes.

On request give training to institutions

Inspect the fire extinguisher in and around town

Give specification on fire extinguishers to the building owners as according to the

building types.


Fire Emergency Fire Officer: Mr Gift Sililo Cell: + 264 81 4221805
Water Artisan: Mr Benhard Gerhard Cell: + 264 81 3009274
Roads and Sewage Artisan: Mr Edgar Goreseb Cell: + 264 81 2311122
Karibib Police Station Inspector Aino Imukusi Tel: 064-550008 Cell: + 264 81 2983226
Karibib Town Council