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Karibib Town Council is being guided by the Mandate of Local Authority as provided in Section 30 of the Local Authority Act, (Act 23 of 1992) as amended subject to part VI up to part XII of 2000, which includes; provision of portable water, sewerage systems and drainage, cemeteries, streets and public places, housing schemes, immovable properties of Local Authority Council, valuation of ratable and non-ratable properties within the local authority area.
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Fire Emergency Fire Officer: Mr Gift Sililo Cell: 0814221805
Water Artisan: Mr Benhard Gerhard Cell: 0813009274
Roads and Sewage Artisan: Mr Edgar Goreseb Cell: 0812311122
Karibib Police Station Inspector : Mrs Aino Imukusi Tel: 064-550008 Cel: 0812983226
Cllr. Davey Van Wyk is the seating Mayor of Karibib Town Council. The Mayor is the ceremonial head of the Council and represents all residents in the political, economic and social environment. The Office of the Mayor consists of town council employees who fulfil a supportive role to the Mayor, ensuring that the daily routine of the Karibib Town Council functions fluently and renders a quality service.


The main duties toward the Karibib Town Council. The Mayor s the principal head in consultation with the Town council he shall; Initiate and formulate planning and development policies for the town. Initiate promotion for the creation of employment in the Karibib town council. Closely monitor the implementation of the policies. Have supervisory powers regarding the planning and execution of all development programmes and projects. Be accountable to the inhabitants of Karibib regarding any matter. In consultation with the town council investigate and endeavour to solve any issue pertaining to the concern Karibib town council. Be responsible for the promotion and creation of the social well-being of the Karibib inhabitants. The Council Council is the highest decision making body of the Karibib Town Council. The Karibib Town Council is run by a multi-party of which consists of 7 councillors. The Karibib Council is made up of multi-party consisting of 4 SWAPO members, 1 UDF member, 1 LPM member and 1 member from the Karibib Residence Association. Management Committee The Management Committee of Council consists of (3) three members of the Management Committee selected from the (7) Councillors. The management committee ensure that the decisions of the council are carried out and consider any matter entrusted to the council. They report at meetings of the Council on the exercise of the powers. Duties of the Management committee A management committee is required to ensure that the decisions of the local authority council are carried out. Consider any matter entrusted to the local authority council by virtue of any provisions of the local Authority Act or any other law in order to advise the local authority council on such matter. To prepare and compile for the approval of the local authority council the estimates and supplementary estimates of revenue and expenditures of the local authority council. To control the expenditure of moneys voted by the local authority council in its approved estimates and additional estimates and all other moneys or funds made available to the local authority council. To report at meetings of the local authority council on the exercise of the powers and the performance of the duties and functions of the management committee. To exercise any power conferred upon the management committee under any provision of Local Authority Act or any other law.


The Councillors 2015- 2020
1st Ordinary Management Committee Member Hon.Cllr Petrus Ntoni Hon. Lazarus Kanelombe Hon.Cllr Adelheid Swartbooi
2nd Ordinary Management Committee Member
Ordinary Council Member
Hon. Gerson Geingob
Additional Management Committee Member Hon.Cllr.Benestus Tuahimua
His Worship The Mayor Hon.Cllr.Davey Van Wyk
Her Worship The Deputy Mayor Hon.Cllr.Mechelle Senorrita Jeany Swartz
Chairperson of Management Committee
His Worship The Mayor Hon.Davey Van Wyk
Karibib Town Council